godzillaCommuters were not the only ones affected by the matatu strike, business was down for the preachers too. One would think the preachers always take the 80 baab mathree coz they got lotsa chumz; no, hapana. On a normal day, they would take the 50 baab mathree, but not on a working day (um,’work’ is anything that when done, brings money in form of wage,salary,loot,deni etc). Evangelists must eat, utumishi umekua kazi skuizi. These jamaaz have formed a cartel in town, a SACCO to be precise. As I said earlier, they prefer the 80 baab fare coz most commuters would always get that ka’20 bob change which would later be given as ‘sadaka’ as per the preacher’s plight. They don’t use the 50 baab mathree coz the law of probability has shown that most commuters always carry 50 notes ati ndio conda asihepe na doh zao. WORD. The biz, however, has some risks; the preacher must always sort the cops out in case the mat is stopped for overloading- they are always the only people standing (however, they at times share the isle with pickpockets and ‘bus-jackers’). Business is always bad in the Tao-Eastleigh route but word is out that imams are soon joining the camp. Did I say that these jamaaz don’t pay fare? What they give the condas chini ya maji is the ‘rent’ (amount paid for using one’s premises for business). They are soon joining the strike coz business is down!!! Hakuna mbegu!!!