Acting like a guy has made me forget that in actual sense I am a lady.I tend not to value certain things a lady should. We are all expected to want to live that fairy tale, I once quoted Lisa ray that we all want prince charming but all I want is the castle if the prince is in it or not it wouldn’t be a bother. It sounds sadistic as I read it now but before it had some certain je ne sais quoi ring to it.
Who does not want to be happy of course we all do at all costs ,it is said that you should do what is right by you even if hurts the ones you love. To some extent the statement is true sometimes you need to pull away from certain situations, the people you love might be the same reason your life stagnates.

Have you ever thought of your ideal date? Well I never have owing to the fact that I have just posed this question it got me thinking what should my ideal date be? Should he pick me up with rose flowers in his hand? Should he uphold the act of chivalry? or should he just be able to intrigue me with stimulating conversations? Unfortunately getting the answer to these questions seems to be uphill task. I may be young in years but by observation I am old. The dating scene in this day and era has changed, I would like to call myself old school but the world does not stand still for anyone you either evolve or die.

This is the social media age ,you log in to facebook see a lady or a guy whose picture interests you, you see a tweet that reflects to who you are next thing you are direct messaging each other and that person becomes your object of interest it may or may not work I guess it is about risk taking. We expect perfection the guy should be this or that the same applies to the ladies. At this point a lady is also expected to make a move if the guy is not doing his task. I once heard a friend say that the man who is lacking the rib that she has should hurry up and come find her because she is tired of waiting. It becomes too much to try and impress the person you like and still be you .Who you are should be enough; overcompensating just to attract a person becomes a wholesome task. It reaches a point and you have to say take it or leave it.

By Waridi Ajambo.