PDA With Common Sense

Apparently PDA (Public displays of Affection) has become acceptable in Kenya. But did you know there are rules to PDA? Yes, not every form of it is allowed and you have to follow some basic rules to make it comfy for everyone. We understand that y’all love each other and want to stay together forever but still, check this out:

Allow me to suggest a few common-sense guidelines for the PDA-oriented that might help the anti-PDA crowd feel a bit more comfortable without sacrificing your God-given freedom.

  1. Not in front of kids
    “Think of the children! Think of the CHILDREN!!!” You’re never gonna win on this one, touchey couples. Holding hands, a peck on the lips—totally fine. But take a look around, and make sure there’s not any little ones watching before you start totally sucking face and grabbing handfuls of butt.
  2. Not where people are eating
    Personally, there’s not a whole lot that’s going to stop me from eating when I’m hungry, but some people get a little grossed out if there’s a tongue down a throat in their general vicinity. If you really can’t wait until after dinner, limiting your PDAs to under the table is the polite thing to do.
  3. Not when you’re a couple hanging out with one other friend
    They already feel like a third wheel. No need to drive the point home by showing them just how freaky you’d be getting if they weren’t there.

  1. Don’t block a path.
    If you’re making out and in you’re IN SOMEONE’S WAY, you’re just making responsible Public Displayers of Affection look bad. Be a part of the solution, guys, and don’t grope each other in a doorway or on the staircase or in pathways.
  2. In the club, all bets are off
    In a crowded club, with the music pumping and the Jameson flowing (or whatever), do whatever you want. You are allowed to go crazy and blame it on the alcohol. Besides, we are all adults.
  3. In a taxi is perfectly acceptable.
    Yeah, yeah your cab driver might feel uncomfortable, but that’s part of the gig. As long as your clothes stay on and you tip well, you’re fine.
  4. Avoid straddling
    That’s not PDA, that’s a lap dance, and there’s a time and a place (Place: a strip club, Time: when money has changed hands). If you’re both sitting on a motorcycle, however, straddling is totally cool.

In other words:

So next time you see a couple taking part in PDA, show them the rules!

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