Many people believe that life in the university is a great and enjoyable one, but to some thinks that it’s the final path for a steady progress towards realizing one’s destiny therefore students are faced with some challenges in achieving their dreams. Peer influence being the major cause of the challenges.

Students may view peer as positive idea toward improving the skills, capabilities and a means of gaining social and interpersonal skills to enhance better relationship and performance. However, it can also drive the into some acts such as drug abuse, drinking of alcohol, missing classes as well as some social vices like pre-mature sex or prostitution. This can adversely affect their lives in the following ways-

  • Drug abuse

Abuse of drugs such as bhang may adversely affect the life of a student; he/she may be addicted to the drug in that it becomes impossible to forgo the drugs. This implies that the student may trick their parents and even fellow students so as get money to buy drugs. The student can end up robbing or stealing from other students there endangering his/her life. Drug abuse can also make one to skip classes or even to drop out from the university. The common cause abuse among students is peer pressure.

  • Persistence alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol is another act which negatively affects the life of a student if no proper consideration is put in place. Is not that consumption of alcohol is bad, but the effect of its consumption might be unpleasant. To some students, drinking the whole day makes them better “persons”, but in reality , too much consumption of alcohol interfere with proper coordination of nerves, ability to perceive things and as interfere with rationally of an individual. This makes an individual to be unconscious and get themselves in unplanned sex which may result to contracting STIs. Drinking alcohol may also make students to misuse the resources and stealing from the fellow comrades.

  • Prostitution

Most people may think that those who are involved in act of prostitution is because they lack money for their up-keep but this seems untrue. Prostitution merely results from peer influence among individual. It is very difficult to change one’s mind set. It usually start when students get involved in pre-marital sex and this may results in prostitution and this is due to imitation of others. It may results to diseases such as HIV/AIDS


  • Missing classes/Drop-out

Some students intentionally miss classes due to influence of others, students may drop out from university since they miss most of the lectures therefore failing in their exams or get expelled due to the fact that they don’t attend most of the lectures hence involve themselves in examination irregularities.

It is not that peer influence isn’t good, it may also be wise idea, it may make a student to be assertive and involve themselves in professional where they can share an exchange ideas concerning academics, corporate as well as social ideas . This may make students to be more determined and focused therefore, students’ shapes their destiny.

Finally, in a learning institution (university); peer influence must exist so it’s upon the students to live their own life not to imitate others, students should be determined in the academics and they should redefine their dreams. They should depart from bad company and should be self-motivated. This will makes them to avoid peer influence which may adversely ruin their lives and may their dreams un-accomplished. This clearly reflects that peer influence isn’t a wise idea among students.


Writer: Emmanuel Ohallo.