pele (1)Pele is believed to have scored 1281 goals in 1363 games in his career. He is the only player to have won three World Cups and he scored 77 goals for Brazil in 92 appearances. Quite intriguing,  the owner of the number 10 jersey in the field became a  Brazil legend renown from generation to generation whose history would be passed down to even those who are yet to join the football world. Interestingly, football is a game of eleven players in a team against another team of eleven players and the one who scores many goals is to be awarded even though he didn’t do it by himself. To score a goal is not an individual effort but a teams’ effort. Passing the ball efficiently and smoothly to the main man who then calculates his tactics to make sure the goal is scored shows the diligence in the team mates. Maybe these awards should be spread equally to all the players or maybe it should be as it is done today, the scorer gets the higher takeaway. Just a thought what do you think because in this game, you don’t play alone. Try and remember the guy who cleans the shoes and makes your skills sell. Pause on it