In the comfortable suburban Lavington area, a cosy bungalow is the venue where I get to interview the controversial Pendo. The 24 year old diva arrives late but looking fabulous in a brown jacket, black pants and top. Her well manicured hands and acrylic nails match her style as she struts her stuff to the interview.

We have a sit down with her and begin the interview:

How is life?

Life is amazing, so much of Nairobi Diaries has take over my life.

How was your life before the show?

Before the show I was mainly in the studio, writing music and recording.


So you write your own music?

Yes I write my own music. Based on my experiences, things I have been through.

How did you get your start in the music business?

I have always loved singing since I was small. I used to enter music and talent competitions in mombasa. I then met Steven from pulse who introduced me into the music industry. Although some of my songs backfired, I got a lot of exposure. Thanks to Nairobi Diaries, my new video has received over 10,000 views in 3 days!

How was your music video launch at Bleau lounge?

It was awesome, there was great turn up from Obinna, Kenzo, Jaguar.

Do you think the Kenyan media houses encourages its own?

Yes, but most people need to get serious when they get into music. Music is an investment, firstly it must be a good song, well done video just like mine and they will be played. Another thing many lack is content.

What more can we expect from your music?

I am planning on consistency, I will be releasing a new song in two months.

Which Kenyan artist would you like to collaborate with?

Wow I love Victoria Kimani, Khaligraph and Jaguar.



Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage, Vanessa Mdee.

In your new song you say we can’t get over you, what are some of the things you can’t get over?

People need to get over the fact that I will always be me so just watch me, I will never stop doing what I love and I AM going to be successful.


You have many people hating on you?

There are always new haters, especially on Instagram and Twitter. But everybody is entitled to their opinion.


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Whats up with all the fights on Nairobi Diaries?

I am very sensitive and hate when people step on my toes. They are very fragile. I also do not like people in my personal space. If you cross me, I cross you.

Does the show portray the real Pendo? Is what we see the truth?

Very much so. No filters.

What have been your best moments on the show?

Launching my music on the show. Also anything that features me on the show.


What have been your worst moments on the show?

Definitely spending a night in a cell. it was creepy however some girls recognized me and we shared stories.

What don’t we know about Pendo that you would like us to share with us?

Well you watch my life every week, you basically know everything about me.

You are a reality TV star, a socialite, actress and a musician, what do you mainly fill as your occupation?

I am confused by that as well, easiest answer is student? (laughs)

As you mentioned student, do you plan on going back to school to complete your education?

No, I have no interest in going back to school.



Who inspires you?

Oprah. She has done it all and still going.

Are you dating anybody? Interested in having children?

Of course I am dating someone. But cannot tell you who. Every woman is interested in having children one day.

How many tattoos do you have and where did you get them done?

I have 13 in total, mostly on my arms and hands and on my upper thigh. I got them done in Mombasa.


Many people like to speak on your weight. What do you have to say to them?

I don’t care, I mean I can see my body if I have added weight or not. I don’t need people speaking on my weight.

Where do you stand on the whole sponsor issue?

I think you should work hard and be your own sponsor.

What are three things you must have in your purse before leaving the house?

(Bringing out her bag) Cologne, apple, make-up brush and charger.

Any styling tips for ladies?

Simplicity is key. Keep it classy with just a touch of ratchet.

How have your parents reacted to your photoshoots and your career so far? 

They are 100% supportive. I mean like Kim Kardashian’s mum supports her, I am a grown up.

Anything you would like to tell the youth?

Never give up. Do not reach a point in life where you look back and regret. Move forward. It is also not easy being as public figure so be careful what you wish for.

At the end of the interview we exchange pleasantries and it is over. Did you enjoy this article? Tell us below.