Perfect Selfie Tips

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(Last Updated On: May 17, 2016)

You need to go to class, meet up for lunch with friends, study for exams.. but first, lets take a selfie!

  1. Lighting is everything

In photography of all sorts, proper lighting is required. Make sure it is just right- not too dim and not too bright. In both cases your face won’t come out clearly. If you are in a place with poor lighting however, you can use highlighter to achieve a glow on your face.


  1. Have your signature pose

This could be a totally goofy or cheerful face. Just to make the pic more interesting. Experiment with your face and how you position your body. You could tilt your face a little bit toward on side; it brings out one’s cheekbones.


  1. Background check!

You should be cautious of what is in the background, especially if you are fond of those bathroom selfies. Many selfies have gone wrong simply because the background sucked.


  1. Edit the pics

There is nothing wrong with cleaning up your pics or using filters of cropping for your convenience. The idea is to have an exquisite selfie, so go for it.


  1. The more the merrier

Selfies are generally more fun to take when it’s not just you in them.


Any other selfie tips you would’ve liked to see on our list? We would love to hear from you!

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