cancer Staff and doctors at Kenya’s biggest referral hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), went into celebration mood after one of their own in partnership with two researchers from the UK discovered a permanent cure for cervical cancer.
Addressing the press, KNH CEO, Lily Koros Tare, confirmed the discovery of a cure for early stages of cervical cancer at the hospital, the first one in the whole world, saying the finding would help save millions of women who die of cervical cancer all over the world.
“The message today is not just about mourning and despair; we stand surrounded by heroes who have identified a solution for cervical cancer”, said the KNH CEO.
Dr. Innocent Orora Maranga, a consultant at KNH, and two British researchers Dr. Ian Hamson and Dr. Lynne, both from Manchester University, UK, discovered that the HIV antiviral drug, lopinavir, cures cervical cancer completely.
“We screened 820 women and settled on 40 patients who had cervical cancer. We put them on HIV drug lopinavir for 2 weeks which they had to apply in the birth canal on their own at home. This was for a period of two weeks while we kept monitoring them. The results were amazing with a cure rate of over 90% confirmed after only 3 months”, explained Dr. Maranga.
Ordinarily, the drug is used orally by HIV patients, but to treat cancer, Dr. Maranga explained, it would require a very high doses which could be toxic hence they designed a method of applying it directly into the birth canal.
The drug kills Human Papilloma Virus, which causes cervical cancer, completely.