Phy aka Phyasco has released a new song that’s less than two weeks old is capturing interests and getting positive feedback from fans, Taboo(taabu).  It is generally interesting, tuneful, meaningful and captivating especially if you are undergoing a broken heart. It is definitely a song to put on repeat. Instrumentally, the song has a rich, full accompaniment that complements Phy’s soothing vocals perfectly. 

The song is about cheating, how a girl falls in love only to be disappointed, an everyday phenomenon in Kenya. Phy is now leaving because she can’t take it anymore, one of those songs at least one in 5 girls will relate to.

Like the name of the song, taboo, means a social custom that’s prohibited, not allowed. Love can be a taboo, since forbidden fruits taste sweetest a line from the song. Taabu is Swahili for problems. The guy is also taabu, shida kabisa! The lyrics are quite self-explanatory. The emotional content matching up the message of the lyrics.


After Ruka featuring Kaka Empire and Khaligraph Jones, we can’t get enough of Phy. This is Phy’s second single and she has out done herself in this one as evident she is talented and natural with her distinctive and attractive vocals.

The song is catchy and rich in tone, the lyrics that is theme and storyline are original, thought provoking and deep.  The theme has clearly been spelt out and developed. The instrumental accompaniments are rhythmic, smooth and balanced.

Does the video match the song? Not really, maybe the audience would ‘ve wanted the whole cheating scenes, but the uniqueness of the song video makes it even better, the black and white effect makes it authentic and appealing. The freshness of sound and absence of musical clichés has earned this song that audience. One can really chill out and relax to it (on repeat).

With that being said, music is an emotive art. It’s meant to move the listener. This is not a party song, but a thought evoking song. It is a stunning song to rate 8/10.