Not everyone likes to buy ready made goods, some people are into promoting the local market, well here are a few places where you can buy bags of any kind in Nairobi :


  • Sandstorm Kenya

Sandstorm has specialized in making leather products. They make travelling bags, duffels, watches and even tents. Though pricy their products are really cool. They also started using canvas on their product. Check out their website by following the link below.



  • Suave Kenya

They make some of the coolest backpacks with Ankara and jeans fabric, which are ideal for campus students. Their prices are affordable and you’d be sure to get something dope. Their website is;



  • Denri

Denri also offer a variety of bags from backpacks to travel bags made from leather and African prints.

  • Urban Phunk


Urban Phunk do not only make bags, but also t-shirts, jumpers among other things. They however have among the coolest custom made bags you can get in town with an African touch. Check out  as well as their social pages.


  1. Wan Fam Clothing

Wan Fam clothing make jackets as well as travel bags, backpacks and school bags. Their use of fabric is versatile from checked prints to canvas to leather and very stylish. Check out their Facebook page: Wan Fam Clothing.


  1. Liv’s Collection

They offer a variety of bags from handbags, backpacks, school bags and their use of fabric is also versatile from khaki to canvas to jeans to leather. Check out their Facebook page to see more: Liv’s Collection



  • Kariokor

There are numerous freelance bag makers in Kariokor market that make wonderful bags especially kiondos, clutches among other African products like belts, Maasai sandals and beadwork. For this there is no social media page, you’ll just have to go and check it out for yourself.