#PLOTFRIDAY 10 Fantastic Plans For You To Enjoy Your Weekend to the Max!!

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(Last Updated On: February 27, 2015)

How about taking a chill pill this weekend. The sun is out and nothing but blue skies are in sight. The week has been long and tiring. Now that its over, here are some plans you can do to enjoy your youth to the max! Away from the whole club scene, here are some ideas on how to have a great non-alcoholic weekend;


Gather your favorite crazy pals and go hit the water. Take crazy pics, play silly water games like a ring of roses, carry a ball, put a net and enjoy. This is a good deter from the norm and that’s why it’s my first choice.

pool party
Friends swimming at Best Western Premier Hotel



With the weather so crazy hot, the cold atmosphere in the ice skating rink will have you feeling cool. Have a laugh as you and your friends fall on your bums! Great opportunity to scream, and shout without being judged. Go crazy with your pals even though you don’t  understand the sport.

ice skating
Ice skating at Panari Sky Centre



Make a basket of  fruits and snacks and go to Aboretum, paradise lost or Uhuru park and run around. Carry balls and ropes and play games like three sticks and police and robbers and simply ENJOY!!

Picnicking at Aboretum
Picnicking at Aboretum

Westie is the ultimate place to be on a Saturday, be it for your birthday or just to turn up with your friends.Sequence is warm up at Molly’s then club hop from Aqua to Changes to Skylux to Havana to Hypnotica…the list is endless. Yes, that plot that gets you doing the walk of shame to KFC to grab a bite . Ha! You know you’ve been there.

Friends having a good time at Aqua Blu Club & Lounge Bar
Friends having a good time at Aqua Blu Club & Lounge Bar


Go camping, and I don’t mean hiring cabins and living in luxury. Hardcore camping. It will be fun to discover which one of your friends is a sissy pants when you spot a spider in your tent or a squirrel next to your packed food.

The Krayfish camp Naivasha
The Krayfish camp Naivasha


Get your sneakers, cap and water and go for a hike! Locations like Mt Suswa, Longonot and even Kenya are great for hiking.

hiking kenya
Climbing Mount Longonot



Learn about Kenyan history together. This will make your bond even stronger and make you appreciate the diversity and cultures. The Museum in Westlands is a great place you can have amazing memories and actually learn something. If you are into history and geography, then this is the place for you.

kenya national archives
STL at the Kenya National Archive



You can have an amazing time at Giraffe centre along Lang’ata road. You get to feed these peculiar animals as they like your fingers with their long tongue! There is also a huge tortoise! You will get to learn a lot about these animals as you have fun.

At giraffe centre
At Giraffe centre


Rolf’s place is one of the amazing places you can go and let out your frustrations of the week. The cool bridge on your way in already begins the adventure. Very affordable and really fun, paint-balling is an amazing way to spend the weekend.

rolfs place
Rolf’s Place Entrance bridge



This is an all time favorite for most. The youth love trying clubbing in different towns. Nakuru (a.k.a Vegas), Nanyuki, Mombasa and Kisumu are the most popular towns. Why do you think event’s like Hakuna Matata and Sevens hit so much. The further you are from home the crazier it gets!! Plus, if you sin in a foreign place with complete strangers you sins don’t follow you to Nai. The joy!

nyama choma
Friends enjoying nyama choma at Kikopey, Nakuru.

Any of these plans are perfect for you to have your ultimate weekend. Let us know which one you are planning on doing this weekend.


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