#PlotFriday Cake City: The Ultimate Pastry Paradise To Excite Your Tastebuds


    I had never been to this place or even heard of it until this year’s Valentines found me and my sweetheart there. Therefore it is safe to say that my soul has found a resting place!

    Based in Westlands, Nairobi, Cake City is a small and serene place bustling with colour, courtesy and delicious treats. The mere look of the cake shop invites the human eye to see what they have to offer. The veranda eat out setting gives it a fresh and peaceful ambiance to just sit down and have all sorts of pastry with family, friends, a lover… you name it!

    Their sevice is as fast as anyone could ever dream of! I happened to have been there on a very busy day on their calendar but I did not even have to wait for eternity to get my order plated and served to me at my table. This impressed me so much I decided to star the place!

    The staff have to be the most hospitable team I have ever seen. Each of their attendants had on a cordial smile and were very patient as I tried to choose from their large variety of pastries. They treat the customers with utmost ease and respect. I felt like I owned the world at Cake City!

    The pastry shop has a variety of delicacies; chocolate fudge cake, eclairs, lemon cake, passion cake, ice cream cake… pick your poison. Their cakes leave their customers craving for more as they are soft and with just enough sugar even for children!

    Maybe I have said too much but the little I know is that all I have said is true, so, what are you waiting for? you have a crucial craving for cake? You want to take your best mate to a quiet location? You want to give your future Mrs. a taste of the sweet life before you say I do…? Cake City! Enough said.

    Here are some of their cakes, have some tissue handy to wipe off that drool;