#PlotFriday How to Rave Cheaply

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2015)

There’s a stupid and insane belief that you must spend a lot of money to have a good night out. It’s just sad and if you’re still holding onto that belief this article is totally for you. Here are a few tips to kill the two birds in one night.

1. Go as a group
They say there’s strength in numbers. I couldn’t agree more. I’m pretty sure with the right crew; there’s one with a car, another who can bring in drinks or whatever intoxicant you need and another for a place to crash after all the fun. This will make it a lot more convenient for all of you.
2. Start the party at home base
You don’t have to be the Bri’ish idiots and go to the club too early. Meet and chill out at an agreed spot. You could eat and relax till around 9:30pm. Most entrance fees reduce past the peak hour of 7-8pm. I know what you’re thinking…it’s lame such a cheapskate move. But hey guess what, one day you will be broke and will need to go out. So thank me then.
3. Don’t bring a date
If you want to rave cheaply going out with a chic you’re trying to impress is the last thing you should do. She may ask for stuff like barbecue wings you only see with guys on the next table. So go with platonic friends who you’re sure wouldn’t mind chipping in or better still won’t be embarrassed when the money runs out.
4. Affordable events
Many people attend an event that costs more than the drink they’ll sip on the whole night which is beyond sad. So be a bit reasonable. If you’re a broke ass face it and understand that a fun night out is about who you’re with and what you do. Never about how hyped the events is.
5. Leave valuables
When we say rave cheaply we mean you should maintain your value. Some raves and events are quite crowded and unless you can afford the air conditioned VIP section leave your touch screen at home. I actually don’t understand how you carry an I-pod; it’s not like the DJ will pause the music long enough for you to listen to a track or two. A kabambe always comes in handy in this instances.
Hope these points will save you the hustle and have you clubbing with no stress.
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