#PlotFriday The Most Popular Alcoholic Drinks Currently In UON. You Must’ve Seen These!

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(Last Updated On: January 23, 2015)

UON is truly a hub for alcohol and drugs in general. Some even fall into various addictions such as becoming weed junkies, avid smokers, drunkards, coke heads, just but to name a few.
During the campaign period, drinks of all kinds are distributed to help fuel the chants and jeers that play an important role in helping in securing a seat in office.
The UON fraternity does drink a lot, but specific brands only which are kind on the pocket of a student.

Here is the list;

1: Guarana
The top selling feminine drink as of yet, consumed at any time of day and at any event. You can even brush your teeth with it:)

Smirnoff guarana
This beer has the highest alcohol quantity in the beer industry right now, and if it gets people high at a cheaper price, why not.

3:Legend Brandy.
A new contender in the game, it has outdone and replaced Meakins which was popular a while back. Famous for being a perfect ingredient for Caribbean tea.


From 200-600ksh
This category is famous for parties and turn ups. Crews have a few sips before going into the club where liquor is far more expensive.

1:Black Stallion
Roam hall 4 on a Friday night and you will find several bottles in several rooms being shared among friends. The buzz that comes with it is super exciting. Good for a pre drinking turn up session.

black stallion whiskey
Yes, it still makes rounds. Also good for a pre-drinking turn up session but is mostly taken in secret. Maintaining a public image I guess. Currently the best cheap vodka.

3:Hunters Choice
This whiskey is famous for BYOB(bring your own bottle) kind of situations. Three bottles of this can start a project X kind of party. The kick you get from it is insane, causes hilarious blackouts so be able to handle your liquor.

hunters choice
From 600 and above.

1:Flirt Vodka.
This is the Jameson of ‘economic people’ classy and easy on the taste buds as well as an inspired fragrance. If you want to get  a girl high and impress her at the same time,this is your drink.


It’s #PlotFriday!!! Hit your shops, quality before quantity though.

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