#PlotFriday Want To Land A Lady Tonight? Here Are 10 Turn Off’s For Ladies In The Club #TGIF

    Thank God It’s Friday. Tonight it’s turning up with your crew and luckily taking a belle home. Hopefully you won’t sleep alone like last Friday. You think it’s just wasn’t hard luck? Here’s probably what you did wrong.

    A guy who’s too drunk is a turn off. It may be Friday and you’re in a club but that doesn’t mean you need to rink and mix all the drinks in the club. If you know you can’t behave yourself when wasted, don’t approach a woman. It’s enough you smell like you were swimming in a beer pool; don’t worsen it by mishandling a lady.

     women turn offs
    Ladies hate it when their getting their groove on on the dance floor and you just come and start grinding them. I think that’s the worst mistake you can ever make. If you wanna dance, just ask her.The worst thing she can say is no. It’s better than being thrown off the dance floor by the bouncers.
    turn off for ladies
    Guys. Guys.This has always been a factor. Whether under the sun or the moon, what you say to a mami when you approach her matters. Don’t approach her with a line that you heard from Weezy , no woman would appreciate being called a bitch or whore. Leave that for the artists and their vixens. Also don’t go with the cheap pick up lines. You’ll embarrass yourself.
    A tip : Always try a funny or intelligent approach. The funny and intelligent are the most attractive aspects of a guy. You could also just compliment her.
    Birds of the same feather flock together. Trust me when I say your English teacher didn’t waste time your when he taught you that. A girl judges your personality and character from your crowd. If your friend is shouting all over the club, hurling insults at girls who aren’t ingiaing box or are rude to the waitress in clubs, you are losing major points. How do you expect to get a lady..in fact any lady (who’s not rachet) with that crowd.
     women turn offs
    If you can’t keep your hands off a lady you just met, that may not end well. If I meet a guy in a club I don’t want him all over me like a leech. I mean I’d like the attention but being excessively touchy or already aiming for my lips within only minutes of dancing…surely?! It just shows all he wants to do is to get into bed with me.
    If you wanna state you’re intentions, don’t do it so obviously. No woman wants to feel like she’s just another one of the many. Take your time and with time she’ll be all yours.
    women turn offs
    Kenyan niggas come on, how can you not ask her what she wants to drink? If you’re going out at least have enough money to buy a lady a drink, yaani we dance for like 3 hours and you don’t bother asking me if I want a shot??! It’s funny how with that attitude you still wonder what Nigerian men have that you don’t.
    women turn offs
    If you’re going out, remember to carry some mints. Smelly breath is the last thing you need when you’re going to approach a lady. It’s fine if it you have a slight distant smell of that last glass but to make her feel like when you make out she’s kissing a bottle of Lager. No, thank you! Guys, you’re scent matters a lot. Whether just you’re breath or even your body. If you must smell good don’t over do it. Excess cologne is a turn off.
    This doesn’t go for all ladies but yeah, Some ladies hate guys who curse. If you’re always vile in speech when you’re talking to friends, bar maids or on phone ; what would make you her thing you’re her guy. It just portrays you as rude, insensitive and to some extent aggressive. Mind your language when you’re with her, you never know she may be the kind to read into such things.
    women turn offs
    Okay, so your dad is an MP or the owner of Ole Sereni, whatever, talk is cheap, buy something. Many times my girls and I meet a guy who professes to be all sorts of things without anything to show for it. Bragging is exhausting and boring. Ladies prefer some action as opposed to talk.
    women turn offs
    You may think leave it to the girls to dress up and we just go casual.No, dress up. Ladies have a thing with appearance so if you look like you just woke up and came to the club, you ain’t getting any. Plus, no shorts. It always says you’re still a boy not yet a man. Just saying.
    If there are any other turn offs you’d like to share, feel free to comment.