Pictures of a police officer posing for a picture with school kids have been doing rounds on social media and have been share over and over. In the picture, the officer is seen smiling alongside seven pupils, girls in particular.


The girls are holding two guns: G3 rifles which one might assume the other one belongs to another officer not in the picture.

The two armed officers were guarding the ongoing KCSE examinations at an unknown school since the source of the pictures are not known.

The officers have committed an offense as one is not allowed to give their firearm to a civilian nor fellow officer, each one is assigned to his or her own from armories.

Here is a statement from the firearms act:

“A police officer shall not at any given time loan or give or facilitate the giving or loaning of service arms or ammunition to a police officer or non-police officer, body or institution”

Furthermore, an officer issued with a firearm should always have it at arm’s reach including when he or she is asleep.   

The only time they should surrender is when the gun is going back to storage in an armory where the officer is supposed to provide details including the number of ammunition used.