As the Thika West OCPD Willy Simba gave reports on the arrest of the two parents, residents were left in shock after learning that the two were repeatedly assaulting their own children and torturing them.

The police had responded to claims reported by the Thika Children’s officer Mrs.Lina Mwangi who suspected the kids were being sexually and physically assaulted. According to police reports, the man has been repeatedly assaulting his biological daughter and two step children both sexually and physically.

The couple who have been married for 6 years were arrested on Tuesday evening and detained at the Thika police station and would be arraigned in court for defilement and incest charges. The said man had been burning the children’s books and recently beat one of the minors before he went ahead to defile her. According to the police reports, he is also accused of scalding two of the girls with hot tea and water seriously injuring them.

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The raid done by the police had been confirmed by neighbors who had also informed the head teacher. The head teacher had reported that the said victims were reporting to school dirty and one of them had serious injuries to her face.

The children were traumatized and could not report the assault as their father had threatened to kill them if they happened to tell anyone what they were going through. They were later taken to the Thika Level 5 hospital for examination and later moved to a local rescue center.