Wakulima market as well Muthurwa market were turned into no go zones for the better part of Thursday morning as police engaged into a fierce battle with city traders.

Chaos erupted when traders took to the named streets to protest over the arrest of fellow traders and also what they termed as hefty rates by the Nairobi County government. They blocked roads leading into the CBD, lit bonfires and pelted stones at vehicles passing by as well to the police as they matched along the streets chanting.

Police retaliated by throwing teargas canisters at them making the situation worse forcing those manning traffic around the area to direct motorists to alternative routes. Unlucky motorists who were already in the scene had their vehicles damaged by the angry traders.

Some of the roads that police had urged motorists to avoid include Enterprise Road, Haile Selassie Avenue, Landhies Road, Ring Road, Wakulima Road, parts of River Road and Rail Way lane so those who are set to use the same might wanna check if calm has been restored in the areas.

This is not the first time the Nairobi County government has had differences with the traders but the matter never seems to get any long term solutions.