As Uganda’s political tension continues to heat up, UK has ordered a travel advisory to its citizens not to visit the country with its current state.

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However, Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi better known as Bobi Wine was arrested and charged with illegal possession of firearms. He was accused of attacking President’s Yoweri Museveni convoy. The vocal opposition MP has been brutally tortured and this has raised concerns over human rights.  Apparently, Bobi Wine shook the status quo after he faced off with a candidate believed to be on Museveni’s side Nusura Tiperu in a chaotic rally.


“We urge the government to show the world that Uganda respects its Constitution and the human rights of all of its citizens. All of those detained have the right to humane treatment, due process, access to lawyers and to their families, and a prompt, fair, and transparent trial,” the US Mission Uganda tweeted

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The US has also urged the government to respect human rights following the torture of the vocal opposition MP Bobi Wine. Human rights activists and musicians have protested over the arrest of Bobi Wine. Riots and police face off between Bobi Wine’s supporters have elicited riots which have resulted into political tension in Uganda.