Mr Matiba died on Sunday the 15th at the Karen Hospital in Nairobi. He succumbed to a long illness.

Matiba will be remembered for his role in the struggle for multi-party democracy in Kenya.

After receiving the sad news of his death, President Kenyatta was among the leaders who went to the Karen Hospital to condole with his family.

Some reasons why we loved Matiba:

Kenneth Matiba

He has fought for freedom and multi Party in Kenya

He was paid KSh945 million by the state after a calculation error was noted in his torture case.

He was second place candidate in 1992 Kenyan elections

He was an icon for multiparty democracy

Kenneth Matiba
He walked from Nairobi to Muranga to raise funds

Kenneth Matiba was the first Cabinet minister to ever resign in Kenya

He was the youngest permanent secretaries to climbing the Himalayas


Mr Matiba managed to plant the Kenyan flag at the Island Peak, becoming the first Kenyan to do so.

His entry into politics in 1979 was the most dramatic and the race in Mbiri, as it was then known, was the most watched

Kenneth Matiba was the first black Permanent Seretary of Education

“My position was so crucial that no passport could be issued to any student going overseas without my signature,” said Mr Matiba

 He suffered a stroke on May 26, 1991 but state officials were not bothered to get him medical help.

He formed Saba Saba Asili, a political party

Condolences to his family and friends!