Politicians Together With Several Media Personalities Take Center Stage In Condemning The Dusit Attack

Several leaders have condemned the attack at the Dusit hotel that started yesterday at 3:00pm that has left 14 people dead and scores injured.

They have given credit to the Kenyan Police force and other international securities bodies for their fast reaction as the news of the attack got to them.

Kenyans have also been calm and some even helping with the donation of blood to help those that are in need of it from the survivors.

Check out several messages from leaders and other Kenyan citizens:

Wetangulam:  The beastly and cowardly attack on Dusit 2 hotel in Nairobi this afternoon is the work of social degenerates and misfits. We must as a Nation join hands to resist and fight terror in all its forms and manifestations.

VictorWanyama: Praying for everyone affected by the RiversideAttack in Nairobi

Aminkey2: We will overcome. Prayers for the victims and their families. #14Riverside #DusitHotelAttack
Judynjino: There are people whose jobs require them to lay their lives on the line at the drop of a hat so others may save theirs. I pray for our military & rescue workers as they carry out their operations on this sad day in #Kenya #DusitHotelAttack

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