Pombe Bangi is Now a Game!!!!


Do you take care of your body by keeping away from drugs… Yet struggle with the peer pressure that’s everywhere?? Well here is your way out.2014111212195620141112121953

Pombe bangi hitmakers have done something that has not been done before in the 254. After the controversial video that got people talking, Rajayjay and his crew are set to introduce the Pombe Bangi video game.The game which will be available on Google Play soon, features the nairobi nightlife; it has the munchies which are vital for a stoner, guns and much more.I don’t know about you but credit where it’s due, the game is a smart idea. Smoking bangi is turning out to be a creative juice for the artists.Here are some screen shots of what it is all about.

Now you can keep with the trends without harming your body.
Passes virtual joint