It’s not news that men and women are praised differently not only in terms of the amount of compliments but also in the types of compliments given to them. Women are showered in them while it’s a once in a while type of thing on the male side. A friend once told me that it was so rare for guys to be complimented that in his case, he remembered almost each compliment he had ever received.

A quote by Oscar Wilde
A quote by Oscar Wilde

Let’s discuss the difference in acclamations towards each gender. Women mainly receive them for their appearance while men receive them for their competence. It’s easy to tell a lady how gorgeous she is but rarely do we hear a man being told how physically attractive he is. On the other hand, a man will be highly congratulated on how well he has done something however these are flowers that women rarely receive.

The difficult dynamic is that both parties would actually love to receive their counterpart’s type of praises. Stay with me on this thought. An illustration is that men would like to be complimented on how they look as they too place value in that while women particularly don’t like to be the object of male appreciation solely based on their outward appearance.

A solution for this semi toxic situation is to simply compliment men more on their appearance, especially when they have gone an extra mile.  An enthusiastic “You look so good my G” can go a long way in improving someone’s day while the same would be seen in women when their efforts are not only recognized but also appreciated.

Let’s make each other smile since these earthly problems really do create time for themselves in all of our lives. Cheers!

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