Varcity: Hello,Welcome to Varcity.Please introduce yourself.

Precious:Thank you.My name is Precious Cherono.

Varcity: Youv’e made quite a name for yourself in the modelling world.When did you start your modelling career??

Precious:I started modelling in 2012 after clearing from highschool in 2011…in which i was immediately registered by knitwear models(started in 2012) and i did my first spread in salon magazine under the fashion column.

Varcity:How is it so far??

Precious:Its really fun.You get to learn a lot.One has to be natural,creative,intelligent and be able to take calculated risks.There are people who think its a job for ratchets or jobless people but in order to earn good money from this,you have to give it your all and not listen to haters.

Varcity:What agency are you registered in?

Precious:I am a freelancer but i also work with Taty’s Agency;Modelling and fashion.

Varcity:Modelling sounds quite a bit glad am not in it

Precious:I know right:)but if you love what you do and you’re passionate about it,it wont seem hard at all.

Varcity: True.What is Fashion to you??

Precious:Fashion is keeping it trendy and comfortable and still look good in anything that one wears.

Varcity: Am sure you have other talents apart from taking incredibly stunning photos

Precious:Yes,I can design clothes,draw cartoons,write poetry,rap,cook,write articles…and my list is endless..

Varcity: Who is your role model??

Precious:My mum is my role model.All day everyday.Fashion wise,my role model is Joy Kendi.

Varcity: Now i would like our readers to experience Precious the person, not the model.I will start by asking what scares you most

Precious:Any crawling insects or odd looking creatures.

Varcity: What was Your most embarrassing moment??

Precious:My first time to skate board i thought it was as easy as counting 123..ooh i was wrong..i fell and ripped my dress without knowing,and as i got up,i heard my friends laughing.My entire backside was exposed.But luckily,one of my pals lent me a sweater to get through the long day(Thank God that day passed)*sighs*

Varcity: was it recorded?the fall i mean??

Precious:unfortunately no.

Varcity: What gets you through the day??

Precious:God gets me through the day

Varcity: Are you single??

Precious:*blushes*ha ha..For now am single.lots of projects to handle,no time for relationships.

Varcity: You’re fairly tall,would you date a shorter guy??

Precious:That question is tricky.How short are we talking here?

Varcity: What are your turn ons/turn offs??

Precious:Intelligent guys with tattoos are always a total turn on(i don’t have tattoos btw:))

Turn offs are young guys with pot bellies and unshaved armpits.

Varcity: What do you engage yourself in apart from modelling??

Precious:I am a video vixen,currently working on my cloth-line “Precious BodyCon” I manage Bio hazard Deejays,I also work with legit Swag Photography and their events.

Varcity: How do you balance it all

Precious:I don’t know how i do it.Once you’re used to it,it becomes part of who you are.

Varcity: Now,most ladies will kill me if i don’t ask.What are your beauty secrets??

Precious:A beautiful body is always a healthy body.I drink plenty of water,it helps the skin a lot.Daily exercise,skin cleanse,watching what i eat,always being clean ,putting on perfume ,loving,laughing and having fun in life:)

Varcity: Tell us something most people don’t know about you

Precious:I did a bit of aeronautical engineering.

Varcity: Any Parting Shots??

Precious:I think agencies should stop considering only the petite figures and also go for the plus size figures.Everyone is beautiful in their own way.If you love what you are doing,go for it.Don’t let anyone pull you back be it coz of weight,height or skin colour.

Varcity: Thankyou for your time.

Precious:The pleasure was all mine.