In the past we all thought at the end of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term, he would support his deputy William Ruto unconditionally.

However, since last year’s by-election that saw them re-elected for a second term, it’s been very clear that the two are no longer as close as they used to be. The president has remained quiet on his 2022 choice of candidate while most of his political supporters have made it clear to the DP that they don’t owe him anything.

The president’s handshake with his two-time competitor Raila Odinga even made the situation worse as the two seemed to have mended their broken relationship which meant Raila could possibly get support from Uhuru come 2022 if he decides to run for the presidency a third time.

Now, for the first time, the president has broken his silence on who he will support in the next by-election and his answer was, his choice will shock many people. The president made the sentiments at the Nyeri Railway grounds where he hosted a section of Mount Kenya leaders and also opened the Ksh250Million Karatina market.

No names mentioned but it doesn’t seem like his choice will be DP Ruto so many people have only been left guessing.