In a move that caught many Kenyans unawares President Uhuru Kenyatta finally met the self-proclaimed People’s president, Raila Odinga. The opposition leader has been constantly pushing for a meeting to discuss the way forward and it seems like that finally happened as the two finally had a closed door meeting that lead to them coming forward to address Kenyans together.

Ever since President Uhuru was announced as the president, Raila Odinga has maintained he didn’t recognize him as the legitimate president of Kenya and we are yet to know if that has changed or will change.

Details of the meeting are still very scanty and it is not yet known whether deputy president William Ruto was part of nor the NASA co-principals. The two urged Kenyans to drop their differences and unite the nation.

We are yet to see how long this ‘brotherhood’ will last and what effects it will have on the both political sides and the effects it will have on the nation.