Since the countless attacks that have affected Kenyans over the past week, many Kenyans were looking forward to the Presidents statement. Held outside State House today, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s statements were nothing short of justifying the Kenyans in Somalia. Here is the shortened version of the speech:

“Our country and our people are under attack. A war has been waged against ALL Kenyans by an enemy hiding behind religion, and much innocent blood has been shed. Kenya has been subjected to a long history of murder and violence at the hand of bandits, terrorists and extremists.’
‘After decades of horror, fear, outrage and frustration, we resolved as a nation to protect our sovereignty by pursuing our enemies beyond our borders into Somalia. By mid-2011, it had become abundantly clear that our long border with an ungoverned territory teaming with violent criminals was a threat to our national stability. Joining military efforts to bring peace to Somalia was the inevitable answer to our terror and security threats. In October, 2011, the Government authorized the KDF to pursue the Al Shabaab militia into Somalia. This decision was right then, and remains so today. Following requests by regional, continental and global actors, KDF joined AMISOM in February 2012. We remain part of the African Union mission to date.
The incursion in Somalia has been largely successful. Al-Shabaab is depleted and on the retreat. However, even in its diminished state, it remains a threat to our nation. In desperation, it formally affiliated itself in 2012 to Al Qaeda, the international terrorist group.’
‘Last week’s bus attack was accompanied by typical terrorist rhetoric. Last night, a terrorist attack that would have wrought unspeakable devastation was successfully repulsed in Wajir. Today’s attack in Mandera targeted a soft area, leaving 36 Kenyans dead. These attacks follow a pattern identical to the attacks on Christians in Lamu, the sporadic attacks in Mombasa, Kwale, Garissa and Tana River. The obvious intent is to create hostility and suspicion across ethnic and religious lines and to drive non-Muslims from certain parts of this country. The ultimate aim of this atrocious campaign is to establish an extremist caliphate in our region.’

‘Let us all pull together as one nation: to comfort the afflicted and bereaved, to confront the terrorists and to build a stronger, more tranquil and happier nation.’

‘Fellow Kenyans,
I know we are all under a lot of pressure, but I appeal to each one of us: this is not a time to be cowed by the enemy. I also call on all leaders to stand together and confront this enemy. This is a war we must win. We must win it together. In times like this, Kenyans must unite and stand for Kenya.
Thank you and God bless you.”

In the statement, he also announced the appointment of Joseph Nkaiserry as Cabinet Secretary and resignation of Inspector General David Kimaiyo.