PREZZOs ChilleThe first love is the cutest. What most of us call puppy love. It’s the sweetest kind of love, y’all have idiotic smiles on your faces all through the day. Sending each other small texts through the day, wishing for the day to end quickly so that you can spend time together.
At this stage of the relationship, you love telling each other all the sweet nothings at all times, all up in each others business and you want to know what the other is doing at all times. Wait until stuff hits the roof, its no longer ‘I love you’, it turn to ‘I can’t even stand you’. One can’t even go to the other room without the other thinking that they are cheating. What happened to the trust and great affection that you had for each other? When it’s said and done, a break up become inevitable.
How does one deal with a break up? Well, you could do it the dramatic way and get a knuckle tattoo like Rihanna. They have to use a chisel and mallet to get the ink in, it’s never that serious. Here’s one thing we have noticed with some of the international celeb. Get a chille who is a spitting image of your previous mami. This can’t be very hard can it.
So a guy who actually goes ahead to do this, is he ever going to get over the former mami? We sort of understand a guy like Reggie Bush, he was dating Kim Kardashian. If you are a guy and have not wanted to tap that, dude there’s a problem. Kim has all a guy would want in a chille plus a bonus KG of ass. Inplants or not that body is nice to look at, what about touching?
Now, that you have that picture in your head, have you seen Reggie Bush’s baby mama? She is the spiting image of Kim Cakes complete with the boobs. Guess the guy decided, if I can’t have you I might as well get a clone of you and live happily ever after.
Let’s bring it back home. Prezzo’s new girl is the spitting image of Goldie. The two had thing steaming in the BBA House as well as outside. Nigeria had also started welcoming their ‘son’ Prezzo into the community before her unfortunate and untimey death. Prezzo has since moved on from the tragic incident or has he? this time he heads out to Tanzania. The lady is ‘light skinned’ just like Goldie, wears a tone of make up and blonde weaves just like her.
Could this then mean that the guy never got over the former mami or is he just rebounding with his current ex-girlfriend’s look alike?
Guys, what do you say about this.