wedding…… And God saw that it was not good for man to be alone so he created woman. Another is; everyone who finds a wife finds a good thing. Walking down the aisle with a beautiful smile is a dream comes true for many ladies if not all. College comes to a stop and the next thing ladies think of is their career but most importantly starting their own home and family. They are indeed the good thing any man would want to have but one thing is not right; THE PRICE TAGS ON THE WOMAN.  You can never buy a human being let alone negotiate their net worth. They are more than gold and silver. No price whatsoever can equate to a human being.

The bride price isn’t a buying and selling business, it is an appreciation to the bride’s parents of the good work they have done. But it seems like some people have taken it all to the next level and naming it buying the girl for you. This means she is your property and you can do whatever you want to do with her after all you bought the ‘thingy’. This is belittling women to a thing, thus the divorce escalating and families breaking. Probably the bride price should not be there since it has lost its originality and the intended meaning. It can’t be sustained no more. Or something should be done because women are also not taking it easy. ’Wako rada’