Well, it isn’t news that the social rot in our society is on a new level in this age. From how young guys dress, talk, walk and party. You can bet your bucks that your own parents went out to the discos. But did they wear obscene clothes and shove it into their own parents’ faces? No. They kept their moments of clubbing, hangover escapades and singing along to reggae and country music all night long on the hush hush.

This generation of young clubbers however is far from shy. The Project X posters that were doing rounds on social media are evidence. With complete detail on all the explicit things set to go down at the party the advertisement of this event left a lot to be desired.

project x

Word was out that the organizers of Project X were arrested and the party banned from happening. The media extended its courtesy enough to air this story on the news and informing a large part of the public that were not aware of the event.  As much as their role is to keep the public informed, the way in which it was done seemed to push Project X’s agenda of advertisement making it pass as forbidden fruit for every young person.

Forbidden fruit always tastes sweeter, what defiant teenager wouldn’t now want to attend this event following the broadcast?  If the media or anyone seeks to sort out societal issues there are better ways to do so other than enticing people as you hide behind intentions of giving information.

project x

Give full detail on youth culture in Kenya with well researched fact, not juicy, half-baked stories. You are gatekeepers, not tabloids.