Last semester something shocked me. Not shocked in a scared kinda way but shocked in that I don’t understand how people cope with this situation. My guy friend, the dude who is always down for anything is now living with his girl!!
He and his girlfriend now share a room along with all the responsibilities that came with it. As puzzling as it was to me, many people in campus do it. I found out it had it’s pros and cons when it comes to certain situations. Here they are;


1: You gerrit on the regular.

This is the most obvious of reasons why people live together. Unless she’s debating with mother nature, say goodbye to the cold nights and dry spells and say hello to trust and GOK rubbers!!
2: Share possessions
Now that you live together, you get to double up on everything. If you had one plate and two glasses, you now have two plates and four glasses. Get ready for the party!!

3. Divide chores

Cooking, cleaning, eating these are some of the things you’ll get to share and get to know more about your bae. This strengthens the relationship as you learn more about each other and grow together.
4:Reduced cost of living
Another popular reason why many are living together. You cost share so that HELB loan doesn’t have to go down the drain.
5: More communication 

You don’t need to worry so much about where bae is because the lines of communication flow effortlessly. They get to be the first person you see in the morning sand the last one at night.


Every legit coin has two sides. Here are some of the cons of living together;
1. You will fight much more

Because you see each other more often, you begin getting on each others nerves more often. You’ll most likely break up a couple of times. Too much of anything is dangerous.,and you’re not bound by marriage yet so, break ups will occur.
2:Less time with your hommies or girls.
Say goodbye to the weekly routine of ladies’ night or playing PS and drinks with the boys. Most times you’ll be with your loved one. It’s not a rule but it is followed. If you do not abide by this, a fight will erupt.

3:Your status in the market will be of a prized possession.

You can look at this as a positive or a negative. I see it as a negative as it leaves us single guys wondering. Don’t know why guys who are dating actually lay more than when single and male suitors lean more on taken chicks. The logic here is quite puzzling. Can someone enlighten me please??

4: Less personal space

You won’t have a minute to yourself, maybe when at the loo but even the bathroom is shared. Sucks doesn’t it.

5. No more secrets

I do not mean secrets like the text messages you are hiding from your partner, I mean the farting in your sleep sort of secrets. You get to see the not-so-hot side of your bae, and it stinks!! You can only hide your toilet breaks for so long and eventually every guy discovers his girl is just as disgusting as him.
What do you think, is it better to have your bae as your roommate?? Let us know!