Pros and Cons of Valentines Day

February the month of love is here with us. The day is set tomorrow to be celebrated across the world. Its a day when love is upgraded a notch higher that brings expressions of enthusiasm among those who embrace the day.

The day is characterized by sharing of red roses of flowers. It’s a season where flowers are brought in excess. Failure to carry a flower can cause a break up. Tomorrow romance is not only felt but also seen.

Chocolates are also part of the gifts exchanged. The beloved ones share a moment with each other as they purpose their relationships goals. It’s also a season where expenses are noted to be more.

For some couples the day is a day that they invest in finding something new to do that day, They are tempted to look for certain things they haven’t done for quite sometime. This becomes a couples goal.

Pros of Valentines Day

Valentines Day brings a feeling of belonging to those in love. It strengthens the love that already co-exist. It’s also a moment that most couples find time to spend with another despite their busy schedules.

The day also is extended to those we love. Some extend it to their family members making it a time where they celebrate family love. Love expressed to all doesn’t cost a thing. It generates a strong bond to the family.

Activities involved during this day include dancing and drinking. Wine is one of the drinks that suits most of the better part of the day.

The dressing code is also a sensational thing in this super day. Red will carry the day tomorrow as red is seen as the color expressing love and romance.

Cons of Valentines Day

The day is also met with some challenges for some couples. Some of these challenges leads to breaks up. For some of couples fail to turn up during this day due to the highly expectations of the day.

Some also get disappointed after a feeling of being taken advantage by the other half. This vividly comes out after sometime.

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