Psquare Brawl Continues


Who remembers Psquare for their songs ‘Bizzy Body’,’Ifunanya’ and ‘E No Easy’?Well a close source revealed to us,that Psquare are at each other’s necks again and have been having many issues of late,especially since Jude Okoye(their big brother and manager) exited from the group to work with other artists.

Paul and Peter are now doing solo projects by the names RUDE BOI and MR. P but still perform at pre-booked shows yet it doesn’t feel the same.Fans across the globe especially in Africa have been on a rampage on social media bashing the twins for their misconduct due to the Psquare brothers splitting and having tried to come to terms with it.
A few of the comments were as follows:
Etomehn Kelvin Everyone knows that peter is more popular and real than Paul, since their broke up peter has been getting booked for shows and making more money. Peter is the sincere and the most creative and hard working person between the 2 of them, peter a will shows, endorsement deals to the table. but they will end up not getting those deals. All bcos of jude greediness demanding for more money cos he thinks he’s among Psquare. Do all bcos him they won’t these endorsement deals. That’s why peter started to all these endorsement deals alone and performance solo cos he have his own family to take care of. Jude is the problem, turning Paul against peter all because of his selfish interest.
Prince Carl Chinedu PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT RUDEBOY AND MR P, did you try to find out if they have issue or they chose to run different organization, they are brothers yea we know but they can’t remain together forever. This is another achievement but I wonder why you guys keep talking about them coming together not consisting that a time is coming when their children will take over and you don’t expect the children of Paul to take what belong to Peter, lets apply wisdom here pls. thank you.
Sebastian Drianno Maduneme This niggas be deceiving them selves… No strong hit yet… Instead of working all day in the studio in a bid to create a space for ur selves in the studio… All you guys r doin is wake up evri mornin and visit radio stations!! Them tell una say na so legends take start??????? Paul is slowli buh definateli killing him self… From the kindda likes peters pictures get her to the kindda ones Paul nd his radio waka waka team dey get its obvious…. Yhu guys shud betta go back to the drawing board…. Make good plans and good hits… If not the kindda gap peters camp is giving urs wud keep gettin wider.
This is all comes down in line with their mother’s demise that caused ripples in the family and across the entertainment industry. She was the one who kept them together and according to our source,they were very reliant and dependent on her.
Keep it Varcity to see how this riveting story unfolds.