Last week was the beginning of trouble for many public transport users as some had to pay increased fares but as witnessed today, that was just but the beginning.

Commuters queuing for a matatu

Many commuters had to trek to their destinations on Monday as most of the PSVs stayed away from the roads either in protest of the just reintroduced michuki rules or for the lack of the new requirements by the government.

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The few that were available had doubled or even tripled their normal charges as they clearly knew travelers had no choice but to comply. While many would hope the issue will end very soon, it now emerges it might go for a little bit longer as speed governors are now out of stock and the next batch is expected by Wednesday.

Meanwhile transport CS James Macharia has directed Kenya Rail Ways to reduce fares by 10% and increase the number of commuter trains to 18 per day to help during the ongoing matatu crisis.