Its a house, three different rooms, three different situations. If you are a fan of horror films, then this is the perfect activity you can do. For the first time in Kenya, escape rooms are now here!

About Psycho 60

Psycho 60 escape room is an interactive, real life and immersive escape room adventure designed for a small group of people who will have to work together as a team to solve challenging puzzles, crack codes, decode messages, find hidden items, while using keen observation and critical thinking in order to escape the room before time runs out! Creativity and Resourcefulness are one of your keys to freedom.

There is only one mission: ESCAPE in 60 minutes!

Why psycho 60?

The inspiration behind Psycho 60 came after co-founder Rahel Anael spent days online trying to find something family friendly to do with her family who were visiting her in the United States from around the world for the Christmas vacation holiday of 2015. After stumbling across an escape room in Charlotte she decided to book an hour for her and her team as a Christmas gift to go have some family fun! After the play hour was over, all the team could talk about for the next couple of days was the room experience. Soon after, the Game mistress met the Game master (Matthew Heinecke) and they made their second date an escape room and it then became an escape room addiction!

Excited about the unique real life and mentally engaging type of team building activity, the Game mistress saw the opportunity to take it to East Africa where she grew up and knew the concept was much needed. Together with the game Master they decided to join their creative backgrounds and knowledge of the game with their entrepreneurship skills to bring something fresh to the East African community.

And bring it they have!

The experience

Upon arrival, you must make sure not to have any cellular gadgets on you. This is so as to keep you fully immersed in the game. Depending on the room you select to enter, you are briefed on the history of the room. You have the pleasure of choosing between a haunted house, hostage room or infection room situations. The rooms change every four months so you are always welcome back.

Happy team after playing Psycho 60

You are led to the room and the authenticity in each room is haunting (pun intended). You must decode various riddles, quizzes and clues to eventually unlock the door. If you are not good in riddles, you will have a hard time here although it is hilarious seeing how people react to pressure situations.

The experience is one of a kind and for only Ksh. 1600 you can experience it with a group of your friends.

Bring friends, family, dates, co-workers or tourists for a unique form of entertainment that is guaranteed to challenge everyone!

Visit their website to learn more here.

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