Ladies, I am sure that this might be uncomfortable and a little embarrassing but you need to put your vagina first, by making sure it is clean.

Although the vagina cleans itself, a healthy vagina is protected by an army of good bacteria to starve off disease causing microbes. They help in keeping the vaginas Ph level balanced that’s is less than 4.5. If you use harsh soaps and other perfumes on it, it can lead to the growth of the bad bacteria which causes several infections. Many gynecologist recommend only using warm water to rinse your vagina, but the area around your vagina can be cleaned only by mild soaps, just make sure you dry up properly.

1. Pads and tampons

You need to change your pads and tampons after every four hours to avoid bacterial growth. Doing this helps you avoid infections such as UTI’s and Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) caused by bacteria and this could be deadly. Wipe yourself using the front to back motion so as to avoid any shit from entering your vulva causing infections, and if you have time you can afford to take as many showers as you can during this period.

2. Avoid douching

Many women douche (spraying perfumes or water into their vagina) because they claim to feel much cleaner afterwards. However, washing and spraying water into your vagina in an effort to clean it tends to lead to a higher rate of yeast infections.

3. Urinate immediately after sex

This helps as when you have sex there is a lot of fluid exchange, so as to prevent bacteria from entering your urethra thus avoiding UTI. But if you can’t pee drink lots of water before sex and after sex and you will be on your way to the washroom as soon as your done.

4. Eat yoghurt 

I bet you dint know about this, but yoghurt contains good bacteria which helps keep the bacteria in your digestive tract and vagina in check. Eating yoghurt regularly could help keeping vaginal infections at bay.

5. Wear cotton underwear

Cotton underwear have better air circulation than any other fabrics, since we know down there can be a little bit moist due to sweat, friction , your vaj-y needs to breath ,or better yet go commando especially when you retire to bed.

6. Eat sweet

Curb on spicy food, if you want to smell heavenly try eating lots of fruits and vegetables to have a fresh smelling scent . Pineapples, to be specific, leave you tasting sweet.

P.S This works both ways, so make sure to give your guy some pineapples. 

7. Avoid wearing damp undies

After swimming, or even working out, try not to stay in your wet undies for too long. Wet underwear is the quickest way towards vaginal infections. If you feel like you’re still damp, or sweaty, use pure powder, apply with your hand or washcloth or a retired blush brush that you can rinse after use.

8. Get rid of the bush

Or at least trim it using scissors. The sweat mixed with hair can lead to some bad fragrance.

There you have it ladies, don’t say we didn’t tell you..

Any other pointers you know of? Let us know below.