Questions to Expect in the Upcoming Census For Your Household

The law states clearly that all Kenyans needs to submit and answer all questions effectively. Missing out in the process may land others in jail. Some will be liable to fines of about  500,000.

As Kenya undertakes to have the people counted. There are common questions that are likely to be asked to all households enumerators will enter. The enumerators are expected to spend a maximum of 30 minimum in each household.


The following question are likely to asked in case you host people on 24/25 Aug :

  1. What are the names of each person who spent the night of 24/25th Aug 2019?
  2. What is your sex?
  3. What is their age (s)?
  4. What is their date of birth?
  5.  Please insert line number of their biological mother
  6. Is the person a usual member of this household?
  7. What is their ethnicity/nationality?
  8. What is their religion?
  9. What is their marital status?
  10. Where were they living in Aug 2018?
  11. Where did they move to the current county?
  12. Why did they move to the current place of residence?


Make sure you have details for those who visit your house so that you will giving efficient answers to questions once asked.

For women older than 12 years, questions will be as follows:

How many children have you ever borne alive?

How many children borne alive who usually live in this household?

How many children have you borne alive who who usually lives elsewhere?

How many children have you borne alive who have died?

When was your last child born?

Where did this last birth occur?

What was the sex of this child/children?

Is this last child/children alive?

If the last child is not alive, when did the child die?

The census expected to kick off on Saturday will foresee all officials record data for the first time digitally.






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