The popular Hip hop group is set to visit Uganda for a music video shoot. Rae Sremmurd through their Instagram  page raesremmurd shared a video and captioned it as heading to Uganda Africa for a video shoot.

This comes just a week after famous American actor Will Smith snubbed Kenya to go and spend his time in Serengeti Tanzania. There was no reason given on that but after the latest news on Rae Sremmurd it seems there is a problem with the Kenyan embassy.

How do big artists or famous acts avoid Kenya and go on to spend their time in our neighboring countries? It started with Tanzania hosting Will Smith last week. Uganda has taken over and it is going to host Rae Sremmurd.

Rae Sremmurd who are riding high with their hit song Black Beatles would have had a great show in Kenya because we got more Hip hop fans. Our economy is better than Uganda so it would have meant more money for them but they’ve chosen Uganda!

Our policies on issuing licenses may have been a factor to consider as according to it is more expensive to shoot a video in Kenya. Rae Sremmurd might have considered that and now they are on a plane to Uganda. I guess Kenya is a no flex zone.