The National Super Alliance (NASA) members have agreed to stand with Uhuru and support the 8% increase in fuel tax. They agreed to give the increment in fuel tax a benefit of the doubt but only if the fuel tax would just be implemented within a period of one year.

The opposition members addressed the nation shortly after holding a parliamentary meeting on September 18th saying that they agreed to the fuel tax when the president agreed to meet them ‘half way’.

The NASA coalition said,

“He was able to meet us half way, lowering the tax from 16% to 8%. NASA therefore offers its conditional support for the initiative to cut VAT from the initial 16.”

The collation said that within that one year they would like to see changes made by the government across the board.

“These austerity measures must include elimination of extravagance, elimination of waste, completion of parastatal reforms, reduced borrowing, we want to see the government live within its means. The government has to do what Kenyan families across the country are doing; which is to cut what we cannot afford,” the coalition proposed.

The opposition leaders said that they would agree to extend the 8% fuel tax only if the government takes these measures. The opposition leaders announced their stand on the fuel tax shortly after Jubilee announced that they were supporting the president on the 8% tax.