Rapper Noti Flow hits back At Femi One with “Forehead”


If you thought the beefing had come to a close then you are gravely mistaken. After rappers Femi One and Njeri put out their diss tracks; with the former hitting out at Njeri, Noti Flow, Sosuun among others; Noti Flow has recently released her own clap back, having the last laugh(so to speak).

The raunchy rapper released the visuals to her rap diss track, going in on heavy hitter Ciku Femi One. She seems to be taking shots at the Kaka Empire head honcho, Rabbit, as well! What big balls she has(not literally, of course)!

The video has a simple studio setting and Noti raps slow on the beat, probably to get the message well across.

She does throw in a few punchlines as well, hitting below the belt even.

“Ma body fly
5 star vibe
Mwitu si mine
Femi Plan, say ma name
Noti Flow
ashajua mi kauzi 
Nampiga njoti juu kwa Flow ameninoki
Mi ni
mnoti, na napenda hizi Noti
Ati Ligi soo,
sasa hizo ndio nini? Nkt! ”

Hopefully the beef wont go on forever because we can’t live off diss tracks alone but while it’s happening, a little drama in the music industry never hurt nobody, or has it?