Rapper Wangechi Versus Tecno Mobile


Its getting heated up with the beef between Tecno Mobile and female emcee Wangechi.

The Chinese based mobile phone manufacturer Tecno based in Kenya used her images without her knowledge and consent and shared the images on Facebook, Twitter and various other social media platforms.

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After communication with the company, 8  they went quiet and pulled down the images but the Wangechi is now demanding for pay after they used her image to market a new phone.

She posted on her social media:

I’m not one to raise my voice online but it reaches a moment where you have to fight for your hard work and what you believe in. In early June Techno Kenya ran an ad campaign around a new phone and used my image for that campaign. They used my image and likeness in the form of an advertisement which came across as an endorsement of the product. They did not seek my approval or consent for it neither did they pay for the use of my image and likeness. After 8 weeks of legal conversation they went silent and deleted all images and videos associated with me.
As an artist our image and likeness is our source of livelihood it is our bread and butter. It is not okay to misuse and take away from us when we work so hard to build ourselves.
#payartists #respectartists #technocomeclean

She then records a video on the same:

The hashtag #tecnopaywangechi is gaining more popularity as the days go by.


What do you think of this issue? Is it fair for Wangechi to demand for money if they already pulled down the images? Share your thoughts below.