As we head towards the new year, new year resolutions come up and we want to make a change. From ourselves to our inner circle of friends. We know that every single person needs friends in this life. They keep us sane and advice us and help us celebrate our birthdays. However, sometimes you may end up with friends who just mooch off you or only call you when they are in need but you do not feel any added benefit for them. Well to keep your list simple, here is a list of the 10 friends each woman needs;

1. The “Elder”

She’s got seven to 10 years on you, and those few years give her an insight to your life that is priceless. She’s young enough to remember how she was at your age, and old enough to help you sidestep unnecessary drama, especially when it comes to work and men. Whatever advice she gives, 99 percent of it turns out to be right.

elder black friend