2015 is expected to be an awesome year for most. Well I’m here to let you know things are going to get weird. The following are expected and anticipated trends for this fast moving year ahead.

1. Letting the tatas free
In October last year, ladies had the chance to do this so I guess they loved it so much that this year is being viewed as a bra-less year! Bras are expected to be amiss this year. Before the men reading this get to excited, some ladies may make this a free fall session.
braless 2015
2.The hairy the merrier
If you’re thinking hairy places, you couldn’t have guessed more correctly. Women are expected not to shave any hair regardless of the location all because a couple of famous people including Beyonce and Madonna did it. Talk of wilding out. It will be quite gruesome.
Beyonce spotted with hairy arms
Beyonce spotted with hairy armpits
3. Crotchless is harmless
I’ve actually cringed at the thought of a breeze around that region. But yes, ladies have witnessed odd situations caused by not wearing any panties so now this looks like the best option.
crotchless pants
Toni Braxton in crotchless pants
4. Man purses
Who would have thought gay trend would make it to this list well it did. Man purses, whether leather, large, small, carried at the waist, these bags are here to stay. I still don’t get why a man would want to carry a bag and you’re going to town for an hour or two.
man purses
Do you have any other weird 2015 fashion trends you’ve seen? Comment below.