Former beauty queen Rachel Marete auditioned to appear in the new season of Big Brother US.

Rachel even made it to the final audition process but still did not make it.

She wrote a long post on her Facebook Page about her experience.

“For the first few months of this year, up till last week or so, I went through a grueling Big Brother USA audition process and made it to the very end; the finals audition process where they take you and lock you up for a week in a hotel in LA. You are sworn to secrecy and cannot tell ANYONE where you are or why, including family or even the hotel staff then you go through a bunch of other tests ( written and oral) psych evaluations, on camera interviews with producers, etc. you are watched like a hawk’s prey and put on a strict schedule of when to leave your room and when you do you are accompanied everywhere by a chaperon making sure you speak to no one else.

It’s a nerve wracking process which is why I was so crushed, at first, when I found out at the very end (after leaving the hotel) that I didn’t make it on to the BB16 cast. They encouraged me to audition again next year saying they loved me, I just didn’t fit the jigsaw puzzle of what they were looking for this year to which I humbly said “thanks but no thanks”. I simply can’t put myself through it again.They basically calculate very carefully the type of personalities they throw in there, I guess to ensure drama and excitement, LOL. They also strictly look for personalities that are similar to previous seasons and that will play a similar game meaning every year they will be looking for the same cookie cutter type personalities. The nerd, the jock, the mean girl, the ditzy girl, the drama queen, the one gay, the maybe one Asian, the one or two blacks etc.

They want you to tell them exactly who you will play the game like, which I find silly at the end of the day because if that method was working, the ratings wouldn’t be steadily declining as the years go by. People want to see something different. The formula has now become boring. The only reason people watched a bit more last year (including me. That was the first time I ever watched.) was because of the racist housemates that I guess duped them during the audition process, LOL. It shouldn’t take racists to make a show interesting. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the very definition of craziness, no?

At the end of the day, I’m guessing a tall slim, black girl with a British sounding accent who comes from Africa yet looks nothing like the Nat Geo/ discovery channel/ bad news reporting coverage stereotype of what America thinks Africans should be was too much of a confusing combo. I get the feeling American TV producers sometimes really tend to minimize the intelligence and versatility of their audience. Remember, before Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video, MTV never showed any other black artist’s music video. That means MTV viewers missed out on greats like MJ’s Billy Jean, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Tina Turner, Prince and more cool black music videos before that because they assumed only white suburbia watched MTV and they wouldn’t want to see that. When “Thriller” became too big of a hit, they finally realized they were wrong about what they thought their audiences wanted. The same formula continues today pretty much.

I certainly wasn’t like any other cast mate they have ever had. I thought it would be interesting to see an actual immigrant in the house because, unless Native American, each and every American has at least one immigrant somewhere in their blood line that made the move to America and helped make this country what it is today. Shrugs. Perhaps I wasn’t enough of a drama queen in the end… Or maybe I was too interesting and they figured I would throw off the audiences. Anyway, looking back, I have no regrets. I don’t ever plan on trying out again because I’d have to be a sucker for punishment to put myself through all that again especially for reality TV. It was something I started as a joke (I accidentally found out the night before about the open call and stopped by after another audition just because I wanted to see what it was like) and right now a part of me tells me that I’ll forever be grateful I never went on to the show because everyone knows that reality TV is where TV/ film careers go to die.

Either way, I’m still humbled and very grateful for the experience. If any of the guys I saw during “pool time” make it, I can promise that there will be some serious guy eye candy this year. Uuh, there was this one guy… Yum! LOL! I’d see him and the corners of my lips would automatically start to crack into a smile. I kept trying to catch myself. Never reacted that way about a guy before. He was THAT hot! Matter of fact, I don’t think there’s ever been another like him on the show ( I watched almost every bloody prior season trying to figure out who I should tell them I’d be like LOL). Hmm, I wonder if he made it. I hope they didn’t find him too good looking, hence too different from what they’ve had before, LOL!

Will you be watching Big Brother US season 16 this year? Funny thing is one of the producers interviewing me (during one of the on camera interviews where you sit in front of a bunch of executives) told me, after I told him what a big deal Big Brother was in Africa “Don’t worry. No need to be nervous. No one gives a damn about Big Brother here.” Ha! I guess they’ve already resigned themselves to their fate with that attitude. They only rely on a return niche audience and could care less about trying to regain nationwide popularity, hence the casting of the same type of people over and over again. Then there’s Chenbot… I won’t go into that, LOL!

Overall, it was a great experience and I encourage anyone who is a fan to try out next year. You never know. You just might fit their usual formula!”