For the longest time ever, female socialites have been recognized for physical assets or scandals. I could write out articles on why they don’t deserve the unnecessary attention, but I’m not as shallow. Instead, I decided to compile a list of 4 ladies who personally inspire me. I dub them #nomediocre.
We all know a picture is worth 1000 words: so my criteria was their instagram accounts. Not based on followers but content… I’m sorry to disappoint the plastic nipple lady.
Sharon @ this_is_ess
We are familiar with this beautiful fashionista. Her fashion blog is real and as she emphasizes it’s not a matter of the price tag. She’s the lady to help you uplift your wardrobe regardless of age.


Fena Gitu @fena_mental
Her music is deep and as real as real can get. Personally, I love Jabulani and so many of us can relate to that track. Her IG account is no different: pictures ranging from inspiring quotes to midnight snacks. /


Aboki @valmulwa
Now this lady I respect. She has the body, brains and a dose of modesty about it. She may be a selfie addict but aren’t we all? Her sense of fashion can also help you shake things up abit. Cheers girl!


Patricia Kihoro @misskihoro
An artist in so many ways. I especially look up to her. I’ll try to keep calm as I write this. However, her humility amazes me. Her account helps you keep track of the upcoming events: be it music or art.


Each of these ladies is beautiful in and out and hopefully I’ll get to meet one or two of them. Either way, they are the right typa socialites. Love me, hate me. I’m out!