Ugandan musician- turned politician Bobbi Wine finally speaks on what really happened to him after he was held captive for days. He says that he hid in his room when he had the soldiers coming and demanding to be told where he was.

A soldier came and broke the door and pointed a gun to his head ordering him to kneel down. He then hit him with an iron bar on his head, punched him and kicked him and he was forced inside a vehicle and it is at this point that he lost his consciousness. He also said that he was hit with some objects on his private parts but he couldn’t see what they were since his head was wrapped in a cloth.

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Bobi Wine admitted to Lubaga hospital

He was then later taken to another location where he was injected with a substance that made him so dizzy. They apparently used to inject with him with substances that made him dizzy every day and he wasn’t given anything to drink or eat. He was in despair and started to question why soldiers who barely know him could hate him so much.

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They were so brutal to him until one of the soldiers visited Bobbi in his room and apologized to the soldier’s brutality claiming that not all of them are like that. He explains that when he regained consciousness two MPs came to see him and they could not hold back their tears after seeing Bobbi in that state.

Robert Kyagulanyi
Ugandan politician Robert Kyagulanyi (centre) arraigned in Gulu, northern Uganda, on August 23, 2018. He is facing treason charges. PHOTO | AFP

Reports were denied that Bobbi was being tortured by the military police by a government spokesperson. Bobbi was later taken to General Court Martial where he was told that three guns had been found in his room. This obviously being force accusations. He was later charged by the military and was rearrested outside Gulu based court and taken to a civil court afterwards.

This is sadly what truly happened to Bobbi and the public had no idea about this.