Realtalk: 10 Things You Should Remember Before You Go Down on Her


10 Things You Should Remember Before You Go Down on Her

We are so used to talking about how a man should receive and rarely listen to the woman’s need’s. Well that season has passed and now it’s a new dawn. *evil laugh* . Before y’all get excited, I won’t go graphic; I’ll just lay out the basics.

1. Keep a friendly mood and environment

This can not be placed in the list of quickies. So you need to make sure you both have time, the mood and assurance that the venue won’t be disturbed for at least one hour.

2. Talk to her

The worst thing you can do is to assume you know what you’re doing and sing CB’s dive in. You’ll disappoint not only her but yourself. Ask her if it will be her first time, her preferences if not … this will enable you to know her expectations and at least improve your strategy… lol


3. Brush your teeth

Laugh all you want but hygiene is very essential. It’s a very sensitive region. The last thing you need is your girl approaching you concerning infection. 0.0

4. Don’t ask for advice from dem boys

I know you thought you could discuss it with them; hoping they would give you pointers. However, don’t for your own sake. Men are better at boasting how they are good at it than describing how to go about it. Besides not all women are the same and hence have different preferences.

5. Women are shy.

Men can easily ask for help to get it up. We prefer if the man takes initiative; it’s a whole lot sexier that way.

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6. Put your ego aside

If you go down on her…angry or not by your own will; she’ll probably notice and ask you to stop. There’s no big deal in giving pleasure… It doesn’t make you any less a man. Infact women respect men who can do and hit it right.

7. You won’t get it right at first

Women can never tell a man he’s bad at something especially if it’s bedroom related. So you should probably insist on practicing. Take her by surprise…watch her facials and you’ll know when you got it right.

8. Learn to multitask

I don’t want to go into details but it’s important your attention is on her but diversified around her. Don’t focus on one activity at a time. Be unpredictable.

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Those are only pointers… Hope they get you somewhere.