Our current world has become so competitive especially among women. Beauty has become more of a necessity to them as compared to basic needs such as food and shelter. Nowadays, it’s about who has the latest weave, who is lightest, whose boobs are bigger and more even, who has the biggest ass, all in an attempt to get that 15 seconds of fame or attract as many suitors as possible. The internet is filled with this nonsense. Pictures of ladies who want to be famous while bending over. Did y’all get a memo or something? Where’s your dignity? I thought it’s the status quo for African ladies to be blessed in those body region…

Silicon is an element found in the periodic table. Some of you ladies didn’t even know that lest understand it’s reactivity. Remember ignorance is no defense… there are risks. For example;these new methods of ‘asset’ enlargement, regardless of the hazard, are still thriving. Growing in popularity as fast as the congregation of a new(miracle-performing, demon-rebuking) church. Peer pressure and media have hoodwinked ladies how this menace is a solution to be more attractive. Even more surprising is, even though these beautiful ladies know they can attract good men, potential husbands who will love them for who they are, they still opt to modify themselves. Here’s a look at reasons why you shouldn’t.

1.Men are visual beings.. This is a common fact. Using this to captivate them will work but they will be attracted for all the wrong reasons. You’ll be just but another trophy they’ll parade for a while and like all boys and their toys he’ll tire and move on to something more exciting.

2. Personally, I hate when an attendant stares at my chest. I know they are lovely and all but seriously?? Imagine getting your ‘assets’ more noticeable…won’t it get irritating when you know people are staring at your derriere. Depending on your temper, you might face jail time.

3. All your clothes will seem obscene. Instead of an hour-glass frame you will look like you’re overflowing from your garments: Your old jeans won’t fit you… your dresses, let me not even get into that because we know how that ends.


I get that your body is yours and you have the right of freedom… but at least make the right choices. You will age and so will that silicon. Just a btw Cancer is real.

Love yourself…others will follow suit: they always do…

By Stacey Nduta