Manchester United Manager – Ole Gunnar

Manchester United have confirmed Ole Gunnar as their permanent boss on a three year deal. The club legend returned to Old Trafford in December after Jose Mourinho’s time at the club soured and he was dismissed. There are reasons why Ole Gunnar might be sacked, they are pressing issues he must find a solution to urgently.

  1. David De Gea’s new contract

david-de-gea-Manchester-united goal Keeper

De Gea has less that 18 months remaining on his contract at Old Traffords and talks with his representative are continuing to drag on. he wanted a big boost on his $200,000 a week wages to reflect on his status at the club, at a time when he sees Alexis Sanchez pocketing more than double that figure.

Ole Gunnar labelled him the best i the world and remains confident that De Gea, who joined the club in 2011 for $18.9 Million from Athletico madrid.

2. getting Alexis Sanchez to perform

Number 7, Alexis Sanchez

The highest paid player in the Premier League has only two goals in 23 games this season and isn’t part of the Ole Gunnar’s first choice side.

The next two moths are massive for his long-term future. The question though is whether Ole Gunnar will give him a chance to impress.

3. Offload excessive Baggage

Club captain Antonio Valencia looks set to go at the end of his contract but Ole Gunnar needs to clear out the players who simply  have been allowed to stagnate are just not good enough to lead Manchester united where it wants to go.

4. Develop tradition

‘The Man united Way.’

Rather than playing down the players at his disposal, Ole Gunnar has talked them up and has made clear that his United are going out to win games, rather than to avoid loosing them. That doesn’t mean it’s all out attack every week, He is pragmatic and recognizes that its Naive to be recklessly Gung- ho.