It has almost become a normal thing for matatu touts to harass passengers sometimes for no good reason and as of now, there is nothing that has been done to curb such situations in the future or to even prevent them from getting worse.

Harassment By Matatu Touts

From calling passengers names if they don’t board the vehicles they want them to, to calling innocent women names if they pass near them to some hiking bus fares whenever they want and forcing passengers to dig deeper into their pockets and all these cases are known and no serious measures have been put into place.

We have seen this cases escalate in the recent past with the most recent one being last week’s case where a notorious tout banged a passengers head on metal rails in broad light. The matatu tout is said to be well known around as this is not the 1st time he is assaulting a person yet he is still out in the public assaulting more people. The man assaulted was left fighting for his life in the hospital while those who know the tout say they fear no action will be taken against him as they describe his “untouchable”.

Take Matters Into our Hands

It is high time to take such matters more serious, such individuals should face the consequences for their own actions. The public should also not watch such criminals assault innocent people as they can immediately alert the authorities or take them to the nearest police posts when the need arises.

The Saccos they work for should also immediately terminate their services if such cases are brought to them so they can set a good example to the rest. Everybody should be in a position to move around in peace without any fear or feeling threatened about their safety.

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